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Business Associates (BAs) and Covered Entities (CEs)

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Breach Preparation and Response

Major data breaches are reported daily; BAs and CEs must understand the risks and requirements detailed in their BAAs, while preparing for or responding to a data breach.

Q: How prepared are you for a breach, from a BAA standpoint?

Internal or Regulatory BAA Audit

Regular audits provide confidence to the executive suite, yet manual audits are costly and time consuming. Mismanagement of BAAs leads to organizational chaos and opens the door to government fines.

Q: When was your last BAA audit?

State Data Privacy Review

All 50 states now have data privacy laws, adding fluidity and uncertainty to existing BAA requirements.

Q: Are all your BAAs still compliant?

Due Diligence

Consolidation, affiliation, merger and acquisition activities are at an all time high. BAAs are now an integral part of organizational due diligence, for all parties.

Q: What BAAs have your business partners signed?

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