Healthcare leaders rely on PHIflow for immediate contract insights for all legal, compliance, privacy, risk and procurement department contract review needs.


Upload hundreds or thousands of contracts at one time.


Artificial intelligence takes over to instantly analyze each contract.


Review the artificial intelligence analysis and take action.


Obligation Extractor       See Example


Automatically extract and analyze contractual obligations that are meaningful to your organization such as indemnification clauses, insurance requirements and breach notifications.


Signature Detector      See Example


Automatically detect if a contract has been signed by all parties.


Contract Classifier

Automatically classify contracts within your contract management system such as Employment Agreements, Arrangements, Vendor Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements and BAAs.

 Accelerate your healthcare organization's

 grade artificial intelligence.

 Accelerated contract review.

 contract review projects with enterprise


Sample Use Cases


Data Rights

Obligation Extractor

Simple question: what can your vendors do with your data? The answer however is not so simple and it is typically hidden within a Master Service Agreement, Data Use Agreement or Business Associate Agreement. Deploy Obligation Extractor to determine if vendors can:

  • De-identify PHI
  • Aggregate PHI
  • Sell de-identified data



BAA Signatures

Signature Detector

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are only valid when signed by all parties. Stay ahead of the compliance curve and deploy Signature Detector to quickly identify Business Associate Agreements that have not been fully executed.


“While CCDH [Center for Digestive Health] began disclosing PHI to Filefax in 2003, neither party could produce a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) prior to Oct. 12, 2015” - Office for Civil Rights


Renewal Clause

Obligation Extractor

Evergreen and automatic renewal clauses make their way into contracts in many shapes and forms. Managing these clauses and subsequently terminating contracts when services are no longer necessary can be an arduous and tedious task, especially when you are managing thousands of contracts. Deploy Obligation Extractor to identify evergreen and automatic renewal clauses across all of your contracts to stay ahead of the other contracting party.


Contract Clean-up

Contract Classifier

Switching contract management systems or just working on a spring contract clean-up project? Deploy Contract Classifier to automatically classify your contracts into custom groups such as Employment Agreements, Arrangements, Vendor Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Business Associate Agreements.


Privacy Notifications

Obligation Extractor

Whether you have signed a vendor's contract or a vendor has signed your contract, notification requirements are typically negotiated and likely vary from one contract to the next. Deploy the Obligation Extractor to view notification requirements across all contracts to comply with new state or federal requirements or a new internal contracting policy.


Arrangement Signatures

Signature Detector

With thousands of arrangements stored in your contract management system, a few non-executed ones are bound to slip through the cracks. Deploy Signature Detector to find the non-executed arrangements or to confirm all have been executed. Peace of mind is everything, especially before an internal or external audit.

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Healthcare leaders rely on PHIflow for immediate contract insights.

Accelerated Contract Review.

enterprise grade artificial intelligence.

Accelerate your healthcare organization's contract review projects with